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Welcome to the Silverlight Validation Framework homepage!

About this project

This projects helps to validate user input in Silverlight business applications. The validator does not only works with textboxes, all kinds of controls are supported.

How to get started?

How can I improve this project?

Current included validators

  • AlphaNumeric
  • Alpha
  • Between (Generic)
  • Date
  • Digits
  • Email address
  • Equals (Generic)
  • Float
  • GreaterThan (Generic)
  • InArray (Generic)
  • Integer
  • LessThan (Generic)
  • NotEmpty
  • Regex
  • StringLength
  • Url

What's next?

  • A validation service to define validators in XAML

Project overview

This is the base part of the toolkit. The toolkit containts (at the moment) 3 projects. This one, the Business Application Toolkit and the Forms Toolkit.
Common layer
Base layer
Components layer

How to become a member?

Contact me and give some reasons why.

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